Learn & Love to Read with HOMER and GoNoodle

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Kids learn best when they’re moving, having fun, and exploring their interests!  We’re excited to partner with HOMER, a personalized learn-to-read program for ages 2-8, to share 5 tips for inspiring kids to love reading and become lifelong learners.

  • Take breaks to move.  The benefits of movement are endless.  It’s important for overall health but also has a long list of brain-benefits including “improved attention and memory, increased brain activity and cognitive function, and enhanced mood and ability to cope with stress” (via Edutopia).  Try taking a re-energizing movement break after a span of learning and before the next!
  • Encourage active participation.  Most young children are eager to participate. Ask questions about the characters, discuss how you think the book is going to end before you reach the conclusion, and add movement to your reading by acting out some of your kids’ favorite stories.
  • Read aloud with your child as often as possible.  Look for opportunities to read together throughout the course of your daily routine.  Try a breakfast read-aloud or a rub-a-dub bathtub story, and read everything from billboards to cereal boxes out loud.
    • Practice reading while moving with the song lyrics on screen in many of the GoNoodle videos. Try “Purple Stew!”  
  • Boost confidence and nurture progress. Children develop at different paces, and it’s important for parents to allow that development to take place in a safe, no-pressure setting. 


HOMER is an award-winning children’s literacy platform that teaches children to read. Their app builds personalized learning plans for children ages 2-8 based on their unique interests and reading stage.

  • HOMER is the only reading program proven in a research study to increase early reading scores by 74%.
  • HOMER can be used at home or on-the-go without the need for an internet connection.

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