5 Summer Tips for Working Parents

Moms Can & Co - Summer tips

If you’re juggling working from home while the kids are out of school for the summer, you’re not alone!  As parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to juggle the kids’ schedule during the summer.  We’ve loved connecting with many of you on social media who are using GoNoodle throughout the week as a way to keep your kids moving and having fun..while giving you much needed time to get stuff done!

One of our favorite mom friends is Erica from Moms Can™ & Co.  Moms Can™ & Co. is an online career accelerator for moms who want to switch careers and work exclusively remotely.  Erica parents alone 95% of the time and is able to make it work by creating a schedule, researching free kid activities, and leaning on other parents!  

Here are Erica’s summer tips for working parents,

  1. Make a schedule with free kid activities:  Find out if a local community center (think YMCA, your township community center, or one that’s affiliated with a religious center) has “Open Play” times where children can play for free in the Rec. areas. There’s a local one I go to where my sons can run around on the turf or play basketball while I get work done for zero dollars. To support the center, I’ll make a donation during the year and I’ll order coffee from their cafe.
  2. Find summer camps that also work with your schedule:  Specialty summer camps don’t have to take you away from your work. I met a mom who was taking paid time off so that her son could attend a camp this week. Don’t do that! I look for camps where my oldest can advance his skills and I can work. If there’s not a place where I can sit inside the facility or nearby, it’s not an option. If you need longer hours, there are many that offer before and after-care. 
  3. Look for discounts at places where kids can play and eat: Two local arcades have deals where the kids have unlimited play and pizza on certain days they’re not busy. They have WiFi and couches where I can work and still keep an eye on my boys. 
  4. See a drive-in movie:  If there’s a drive-in movie theater nearby, take advantage of this fun & more affordable option to see a movie. I took my boys to see Secret Life of Pets 2 a couple of weeks ago. My sons had a blast and I got to catch up on things I didn’t get to do earlier that day from my phone.  Pro tip: Put their PJs on before you leave. They’re going to fall asleep on their way home. 
  5. Create a work play group: If you have other friends who are working from home in the summer, set up times where you all get together at someone’s house or at the gazebo next to the playground. Sit down and work together. It will make an impression on the children to see you all pull out your laptops and declare that it’s time to work. Take turns keeping an eye on the children. Pack snacks and sunscreen.
  6. Download these apps:  With free, kid-friendly apps like @GoNoodle, @ProdigyGame, and @readingeggs I don’t feel guilty because I know my kids are learning!



We hope these tips help your family!  Let us know how your summer is going with #GoNoodleGoSummer to be featured and earn prizes.