Stretch + Breathe: 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Students

Stretch + Breathe: 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Students

The benefits of being active before, during, and after learning are well-known. “Movement fuels learning!” “Activate the body, activate the brain!” But being active doesn’t always mean raising the heart rate. We can activate our bodies by stretching them, by… Read Story
Fit the Sitch

Fit the Sitch – Behavioral Code Switching Made Fun!

Back in the day, my 5th grade class was scheduled to go to lunch at 12:45 and then head out to recess at 1:05. The recess block was mine, all mine. Thirty minutes of pure, teacher bliss – time to… Read Story
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TEACHER TIPS: 5 GoNoodle Hacks

Kick off your lesson with a GoNoodle Hook! Interest piqued + wiggles out = WINNING! Access class-routine videos FASTER! Bookmark direct links to videos you play most often so you can navigate there in no time. Daily agenda with… Read Story

200+ GoNoodle Lesson Hooks

Lots of teachers use GoNoodle at the end of a lesson… But what if you used the engaging power of GoNoodle to begin your lesson? Enter GoNoodle Lesson Hooks! Use this comprehensive list to find a GoNoodle video that fits… Read Story

GoNoodleween 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at GoNoodle: #GoNoodleween!  This year, there will be winners in five categories as well as one grand prize winner, voted on by YOU, the GoNoodle Community! Best Champ Costume! Best Blazer Fresh!Read Story
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TEACHER TIP: Math Review with Mega Math Marathon

Stephanie Smith, technology coach in Nashville, TN, shares why she encourages all the teachers in her school to practice math with GoNoodle Plus. Customizable for any grade, this GoNoodle Plus learning game turns math into an active review session. More… Read Story

GoNoodle Plus for 1st Grade

Three years ago, I embarked on what has been the most adventurous journey of my teaching career—first grade! Right around the same time, a colleague introduced me to GoNoodle. Little did I know how often I would use GoNoodle in… Read Story
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Using GoNoodle in your Literacy Rich Classroom

Literacy—the ability to read and write—is tied to everything we do. Teachers across the world spend countless hours during the school year teaching students to read and write. As a first grade teacher myself, I am always looking for ways… Read Story