12 Ways to Master Mindfulness

In a world as technologically driven as ours, the concept of “Mindfulness,” or a focused attention on the present moment, seems to be gaining more and more attention. With all the noise and distractions around us, paired with the latest… Read Story

A Multi Sensory Approach to Test Prep

Test prep has come a long way since I was in school. Back then, test preparation consisted of studying for hours, answering review questions at the end of the chapters, and making endless study guides and sheets to cram. These… Read Story

Bye, Bye Test Anxiety!

I am not sure who has more anxiety during testing season, parents or students.  As parents, we want our children to always succeed.  But, then how do they learn from mistakes?  As students, the pressure to always be amazing is… Read Story

Testing Season Tips For Parents

With the thought of state testing among the horizon, the amount of anxiety and culture of stress surrounding testing can multiply rapidly! And unfortunately, parents too often can be a facilitator of that stress by applying unneeded pressure.  As a… Read Story
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How to Smooth Out Routines for Kids with Behavioral Disorders

In almost 10 years of working with students with behavior disorders, I often have parents ask me how they can help their children at home. What many parents don’t realize is that home life for students with behavior disorders can… Read Story
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5 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

As February is in full swing, Cabin Fever is sure to be setting in. Whether you can’t leave the house due to cold and snow or you’re stuck inside due to other reasons, you are probably dreaming of those warm… Read Story
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Identifying Undercover Kinesthetic Learners

It is easy to pick out a kid who needs a wiggle break. He or she tends to roll around, shout out, or seemingly vibrate right off rug! We tend talk a lot about those kids while failing to mention … Read Story
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Five Steps to Practicing Mindfulness as a Family

In a life full of work, after school activities and busy schedules it is increasingly important to set aside time to relax and connect as a family. Practicing mindfulness as a family not only increases well-being, it also brings family… Read Story
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Why Kids Need to Move BEFORE Testing

Does physical activity before testing help kids? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, while it is recommended that kids get at least one hour of physical activity a day for the health benefits, did you also know physical activity also helps stimulate the… Read Story
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Genius Tricks for Teaching Kids About Mindfulness

Emerging research indicates that teaching mindful practices to children may support stress reduction, self-regulation, levels of well-being, and increase the capacity for compassion. Children may perform better academically and have improved social skills, like the ability to navigate and peacefully… Read Story