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Genius Tricks for Teaching Kids About Mindfulness

Emerging research indicates that teaching mindful practices to children may support stress reduction, self-regulation, levels of well-being, and increase the capacity for compassion. Children may perform better academically and have improved social skills, like the ability to navigate and peacefully… Read Story
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Without Community a Classroom Is Just a Room

Creating a sense of community in your classroom is one of the most important things you can do to have a successful school year. Easier said than done right? Well, one of the easiest ways to start this process is… Read Story
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Helping Kids Deal With Stress + Anxiety

Stress is all around us. As adults, we usually know what it feels like and how to cope, but children are also constantly inundated with stressful demands and stimuli, often without the same knowledge and skills adults have. Some stress… Read Story

3 Best Channels for Inclusion Classrooms

“Every student is a member of our GoNoodle team! We all have our differences, but things that hinder us individually are never seen. Here are some tips and specific video examples on how I use GoNoodle daily in my inclusion… Read Story

4 Classroom Management Ideas

“The benefits of using GoNoodle are endless for both teachers and students. Here are four ways how I use GoNoodle to manage my classroom through transitions, prep time and student motivation!” – Stefanie G., GoNoodle Ambassador… Read Story
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4 Fun Motivation Ideas

  “I love using GoNoodle to motivate my student’s behavior, keep them focused, and create a positive classroom environment. Here are four fun ways to motivate your students to do their best!” – Iris R., GoNoodle Ambassador… Read Story
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Out Of The Box Ways To Share GoNoodle!

“What do you do once you have successfully convinced your colleagues that GoNoodle is a great community builder, energy builder, energy calmer, focus enhancer, as well as mindfulness magic?!? Sometimes, even after fellow teachers have signed up, gotten their own… Read Story
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Integrating GoNoodle with Academic Standards

” GoNoodle provides creative videos to help students focus, get energized, and even practice academics while having fun. Have you ever wondered about more ways to tie in GoNoodle with academic standards? Here is how I used a lot of… Read Story

How to make your first year using Go Noodle a successful one!

“Last year was my first year using GoNoodle, and it was quite a learning experience! From exploring the awesome content, to deciding how to apply it to my class, to introducing GoNoodle to my students, to even having a group… Read Story

6 Ways to use GoNoodle to meet Curriculum Outcomes

“Educators constantly feel the pressure to cover extensive curriculum areas within a limited amount of time during the day. In order to maximize my time, engage my students and keep them active, I use GoNoodle during everyday learning.  Here are… Read Story