GoNoodle Plus for 1st Grade

Three years ago, I embarked on what has been the most adventurous journey of my teaching career—first grade! Right around the same time, a colleague introduced me to GoNoodle. Little did I know how often I would use GoNoodle in… Read Story
GoNoodle Plus 2017

The Next Phase of GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus

This August, GoNoodle celebrated its 4th birthday. What a four years it has been! Along the way, the GoNoodle team has stayed energized because we love our mission: to get kids moving so they can be their smartest, strongest, bravest,… Read Story
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All About Question Sets for GoNoodle Plus

One of the most powerful aspects of GoNoodle Plus is the Question Sets feature that allows you to plug in your own questions into many of the Plus learning games. We’re excited to introduce a major update to this feature… Read Story
Bodyspell with Blazer Fresh_tile

5 Ways to Use Bodyspell

This is my first year time using GoNoodle Plus, and I am already so blown away by all of the features of this upgrade! In addition to some extra videos for students, there are also several learning games where… Read Story
GoNoodle Plus My Questions

Empower Students to Create GoNoodle Plus Question Sets

My students become easily burned out on typical prizes for motivation… plus, isn’t it better for kids to be intrinsically motivated to learn anyway? When students are allowed to be teachers, engagement spikes as they start to find meaning and… Read Story
Math category

Using GoNoodle to Master Math

Do you struggle to get your students excited for Math? I don’t know a single teacher who would say math is a breeze for his/her students! But GoNoodle brings a level of engagement to the table that has motivated my… Read Story